Thursday, September 29, 2011

Unexpected Blessings

On Tuesday night, I did something I'd never done before.  I drove a group of ladies into Dallas for the Miche Building a Future event.  What's so special about that?  It may not seem special to you, but the fact that one month ago I wouldn't have had the courage to do it is extremely special to me.  Ever since I could drive a car I've been deathly afraid of driving on highways and into big cities.  Several years ago, my husband was stranded between Dallas (where he commutes every day for work) and home.  I didn't go and get him because of my intense fear.  Thankfully, he was able to get his car fixed and came home that night, but the guilt I had was enormous.  Not only that, but the whole situation made me feel as if something was wrong with me.  I mean, so many people drive to Dallas and all over the Metroplex every single day--why couldn't I?

This fear I had haunted me for years, limiting any distant activities I wanted to participate in to ones in which I could catch a ride for, which sometimes wasn't possible.  But then recently something in me changed.  I needed to go to my monthly Miche meeting in an outer area of Dallas on a Saturday morning, and my usual ride was not going to be able to be at that meeting.  I desperately wanted to be there and here about the new changes with Miche, so I decided I would just go.  I looked online at a map, and it really didn't seem hard, so I printed out the directions, and headed out.  And I did it!  I couldn't believe it!  My confidence soared!  Suddenly, the bondage of limitations of where and how far I could drive dropped off, and I felt this amazing sense of freedom.  I was free to go wherever I wanted!  If this kind of thing has never been a limitation for you, it may not seem that important.  But imagine if you had that fear, and how it would change how you live your life. 

So the next step was going to the Miche Building a Future Tour.  I knew I wanted to go, and I wanted others to go with me.  I didn't want to rely on whether someone else could go or not to determine whether I could go.  I wanted to be the one inviting people to ride with me.  And so I invited others, and ended up taking three ladies with me!  I asked them for help, of course, to not miss the exit and to not accidently take an exit onto another highway.  Help me they did, and they were so sweet about it.

The meeting was absolutely amazing!  I had known I would enjoy it, but I hadn't realized just how much I would get out of it.  The speaker for the night was Jennie Platt, designer of the Miche purses.  I must admit, I was a little star-struck, I mean, here was the actual designer of the Miche Bags I lovingly carry every day!  Her persentation was wonderful, full of details of Miche's new business model and also with touching stories about what Miche means to Jennie, and how it is changing lives.  So many times she got teary-eyed and her voice was laced with emotion.  And so many times I felt she was talking about and to me personally.  Miche has changed my life.  I talked a lot about that in my previous post.  I believe whole-heartedly that God reach out to me through Miche to strengthen me, to make me a whole person by finally doing all the things that had held me back for so long.  Thanks to the blessing of Miche, I'm reaching out to others, reconnecting with friends I haven't seen in years, and making new ones.  Miche has helped me to meet some of my neigbors, something else I was afraid to do.  Jennie talked about the trip they took to an orphanage in Peru this year, where they volunteered their help.  I had no idea Miche did that!  She shared the story of how they painted the little girl's nails, little girls who had never had their nails painted, who didn't even know what nail posish was, andhow much they enjoyed.  I had been looking for a way to reach out to those less fortunate and help them.  If at all possible, I'll be going on next year's trip.  I want to be a part of that.

Jennie also talked about the Hope Shells, how sales from every Hope Shell goes toward cancer research.  Not just breast cancer, but all cancer.  She told us that Miche has already given over 2 million dollars for cancer research.  She's visited places where patients were under clinical trials funded by Miche, and how much hope it gave them.  Just another way Miche is truly changing lives.

And of course, there are so many women out there like me, who face one challeng or another, and Miche is the answer for them to overcome that challenge.  I would be typing all day long if I tried to talk about all the blessings I've received from joining this company.  As I said in my last post, my life will never be the same; I will never be the same.

Thank you to God, for the unexpected blessings He gave me through joining Miche.  I thought I was just going to make a little extra money to help my husband out with monthly expenses.  But God had other plans.  He let me straight to it, in fact, the way I found the Miche opportunity was a complete surprise to me!  I will never forget that God truly does work in mysterious ways, and that He has a plan.  And that we don't need to worry, because He does work things out for us.

God bless you, and I pray that whatever challenge you are facing today, that God will lead you to the solution.

Jennie Platt and Me

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