Are you a stay-at-home mom that has little time to think about fashion?

Do you wear the "mom uniform" consisting of a t-shirt, jeans or sweatpants and tennis shoes?

Do you find yourself consistently putting your hair up in a pony tail?

Is not having fresh babyfood or other stains on your clothes you idea of "looking nice" when you go out?

If you can answer "yes" to even one of the above questions, you need my help!  I'm a work-from-home mom specializing in helping women break out of the "mom uniform," while discovering their own sense of style.  You can do this without spending a lot of money or being a slave to fashion trends.  It's all about you--what you like, what is comfortable to you--simply put, what makes you feel good about yourself.

Discover the confidence you've lost since you became a mom, or the confidence you've never had before.  Can fashion do this?  You bet it can!  I'm living proof!  When you feel good about how you look, you feel better not only about the outside of you, but the inside too.  This spills over into other areas of your life, particularly relationships.  I'm a much better mom and wife now, and an interest in fashion has led me to things I never thought possible: new friends, new opportunities, and an at-home career more fun than anything I could have ever imagined for myself!

Don't underestimate what a change in the clothes you wear can do for you.  Call me today for your FREE Fashion Consultation.  I'll come to your home and show you how to wear the clothes you already own in new, creative ways.  I'll also give you tips on wearing accessories and how to buy new clothes that will flatter you.  I'll do all this for you for FREE.  Call me to day at 940-268-5680.  I look forward to showing you how to transform your life!

Fashion has literally transformed my life. Not in a stuffy, superficial sort of way, but in a way that, quite unexpectedly, has renewed my mind and my spirit. Read about my experience here.


Are you too busy to shop for your friends and family?

Do you dread shopping in a noisy, crowded store, then having to wait in a long line?

Do you hate shopping, because once you do make it to the store, you have no idea what to buy? 

I can help!  I offer a FREE personal shopping service, so you don't even have to leave your home!  All I'll need to do is ask you a few questions about who you're shopping for, and I'll find the perfect gift for all the women in your life!
No more stressing over gifts, and with the holidays coming up, now is the perfect time to give me a call I can find gifts for all the ladies on your list!  The service is free!  Just give me a call at your convenience: 940-268-5680


Need a speaker for your next event or club meeting?  Want to offer a free class?  I'm available to do presentations on a variety of subjects, including:
  • Fashion Tips for Stay-at-Home Moms
  • Fashion Basics
  • Finding You Own Style
  • Working from Home: Is it Right for You?
  • Working from Home: Traditional Business vs. Party Plan
  • Processed Foods vs. Whole Foods
  • Healthy Snacks for Kids
  • Tips for Creating Your Own Healthier Versions of Popular Snack Foods
  • More topics coming soon...